Most Exclusive Private Poker Parties

Private Poker Parties

In this week's edition of Poker Nation's blogs about poker in India, we have, Most Exclusive Private Poker Parties

The Silicon Valley and Phil Hellmuth Special

Rumours reckon that this Bay Area home game is home to many famous tech tycoons. It’s fundamental that the Silicon Valley elite associate with people behind major companies like Facebook, Zynga and Mahalo. In addition to that, a few notable sports stars like David Lee have also enjoyed the game there.

There isn’t much known about this game but Phil Hellmuth, who gets to play in the game due to his friendship with Facebook’s former VP Chamath Palihapitiya, occasionally hints about it on Twitter.

It sounds like a soft game but “They're so sharp,” says Phil Hellmuth in 2014. “I've played with these guys in the private game for three years and after three years I'm basically losing money and I was like, 'What in the world is going on here?' because I've been crushing everyone in Hold'em my whole life.”

Game of Tobey Maguire (Molly)

According to rumours, arguably the most famous celebrity poker game ever, Tobey’s game was recently promoted in a tell-all book by the game’s organiser Molly Bloom.

Tobey Maguire originally entertained the game but Bloom actually took it over eventually. The game involved some actual Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio as well as the occasional pro.

Bloom called Maguire the worst tipper, worst loser and the best player while generally praising Affleck and Damon for their deference at the tables. Excitingly 2006 World Champ Jamie Gold, allegedly lost his entire money i.e. $12m which he won at the WSOP.

Game of Johnny Carson

It’s been known through various interviews and specials that ‘The Tonight Show’ star Johnny Carson contested in a monthly poker game at film producer Daniel Melnick’s house in the Hollywood Hills and often had comedy stars stopping by to play.

Reports also believe that all the players had to be approved by Carson before they were to be allowed to play. Even after Carson left the spotlight, he continued to play there and it was one of his favourite pastimes.

Starworld’s Poker club

Technically it isn’t a private game since it takes place at Star World Casino in Macau but it’s still exclusive and secretive.

To get in, you need to know someone and many American pros, even WSOP Main Event champs, have been rejected in the past. The game is primarily run by billionaire Malaysian businessmen Richard Yong and Paul Phua.

Information on the game is rare but there have been a few lumps that have been passed along over the years. Multi-million dollar swings are ordinary and pro Tom Dwan allegedly lost more than $4 million during a trip to Macau. The game is mostly made up of wealthy Chinese players and it’s been rumoured that foreign players have to pay back 20% of their winning amount to the casino.

Game of Larry Flynt

Being reckoned as the biggest Seven-Card Stud Game in the world “Larry’s Game” has drawn attention of some of the biggest pros in the world.

It’s a Seven-Card Stud Game, rather than No-Limit Hold’em, and hopes to attract a specific player who is usually a bit older or storms from the East Coast where Stud is king.

Flynt made some small jibes that he supported many of the big pros and their families owing to his fondness for losing huge sums of money in the game but later he eventually developed a real skill at the game and was one of the regular winners.

The game had a few unique features like he fined $500 to the players who were late and that money was used to bring a meal for the entire table.