MS Paint Undergoes Change; Should Poker Follow Suit?

MS Paint

Remember the good old days when you would create virtual masterpieces on Microsoft’s flagship program, MS Paint? Well, sadly our favourite graphic design tool is set to be discontinued after a period of 32 years. The new update for Windows 10 will no longer feature the program, and will instead have an overhauled version called Paint 3D, which is rumoured to have much advanced features.

Out with the old, in with the new?

Clearly, the message this move sends is that old, antiquated technologies should make way for innovative advancements. Each day people are coming up with ideas that are not only revolutionary but also make menial, day-to-day tasks a whole lot simpler.

Even the world of sports has seen the influx of technology which simplifies the jobs of referees and umpires. The Decision Review System (DRS) in cricket and Goal Line Technology in football have undoubtedly improved games.

Indoor sports like poker have also seen people move towards the online version, because of its convenience.

Is Live Poker Under Threat?

Presently, only Goa and Sikkim have live casinos where customers can come and play poker in India. Restrictions surrounding the live version have curbed its spread across the country. Online poker, on the other hand, represents somewhat of a grey area. With the lack of concrete laws in place for the online version, web portals that offer card games have been on the rise, especially in India.

What makes Online Poker better?

Human beings prefer convenience over all things. Who really has the patience to find a casino and spend time travelling, when that time could be otherwise spent playing poker from the comfort of one’s home? All you need is a good internet connection. Online poker has all the features of regular poker.

The best part?

You can play whenever you want. 24x7 accessibility is one of the biggest advantages online poker has. Other benefits like multi-tabling and better hands per hour ratio only sweetens the deal.

The pros of online poker certainly outweighs those of its counterpart. Which one do you prefer?