Netherlands Alters Gambling Regulations

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) this weekend announced that new regulatory measures would be incorporated on the first day of June to avoid minors from gambling in the country.

HW Kesler, vice-chairman of KSA, stated that the measure creates a new step in combating remote gambling, as they feel that underage Dutch citizens should not be allowed to gamble on internationally licensed online gaming sites. As per a report, the KSA believes services in Dutch, as well as media and advertising or .nl domain as out of line, thus the body will be broadening the definition of a ‘rogue site’ tomorrow.

Among the things that will be barred, the KSA stated that local domains that redirect to .com gambling websites will be clubbed as illegal, along with names that are gaming-related. In April, the Dutch gambling authority displayed the 2016 annual report that detailed data about the industry, and established that it was important to amplify on the level of enforcement in the nation.

The report indicated that they won’t be issuing any warnings before taking relevant enforcement measures. Fines can be as heavy as US$875,000 for the most serious offenses or 10 percent of sales to Dutch punters. The KSA further said that even though they set multiple goals, it’s tough to collect the fines imposed because there are occasions where the offenders don’t have enough cash to pay their debts.