North Korea Hacking Poker Websites to Fund Nuclear Programme?

North Korea

Enthusiasts of poker might now have to stay cautious as rumours suggest that North Korean hackers are planning to launch a cyber-attack on poker websites. According to South Korean financial security sources, the Kim Jong-un regime in the hermit kingdom has been targeting gaming websites in order to draw funds for their nuclear weapons programme.

South Korea’s Financial Security Institute also claim the impoverished nation in the north has “facilitated a series of devastating cyber-attacks around the world to steal money, as well as classified military and government documents,” with the US government supporting the astonishing claims.

It’s not uncommon for gaming portals to be targeted by criminals, last year witnessing a suspected Romanian network of cyber-criminals playing a role in a simultaneous attack on 2500 gambling sites – but the funds the North Koreans are believed to have assimilated from their hacking are related to the most serious of threats – nuclear war.

The South Korean organisation further stated Kim Jong-un’s rule in Pyongyang ‘has been beefing up its online hacking capabilities as a way of earning hard cash under the chokehold of international sanctions imposed to stop the development of its nuclear weapons programme,’ according to the Daily Star news outlet.

Whether the evidence presented in these reports is conclusive is yet to be confirmed, but online poker players should still exercise caution.