Pete Yanhan Chen made it official on Wednesday, clinching WPT Beijing. Chen entered the six-handed final table with a colossal chip lead, holding more chips than his five opponents together.

Chen’s lead was never really looked perturbed during entire final table, keeping everyone at bay while he chipped up further.

The one instance it appeared like maybe Chen could be at risk of coming back to the pack was with four players left. He raised all-in pre-flop under the gun and Zhang Wenbin instantly called all-in for roughly a million chips. Zhang had Chen dominated with K-J versus K-7 and it held up, permitting him to double-up to 2.2 million. Chen still maintained 7.4 million, so it wasn’t quite a big deal.

The following hand, the 79th of the table, Zhang raised to 195,000 pre-flop and Chen again pushed, sending Zhang all-in. Zhang called immediately with pocket Queens, leagues ahead of Chen’s K-J. Chen flopped a King to give him a superior pair and then rivered another King for added measure. Zhang was knocked out of the tournament in fourth place and Chen regained his chips back from the previous hand, rasing his stack to 9.715 million.

Thereafter, Lu Yingqi was departed in third place, setting up the heads-up finale between Chen Yanhan and Chen Ke. Yanhan had a huge lead, 9.99 million to 2.01 million. Ke held on as long as he could muster, but it was a no contest.

Ultimately, on Hand #111 of the final table, Ke went all-in for just over a million chips and Yanhan made the call, possessing K-4 of spades. Ke was lagging with Q-3, but at least held two live cards. None of the community cards assisted either player, implying Yanhan won the hand, the pot, and the event.

With a first prize worth approxiamtley USD $300,000, Pete Yanhan Chen has now won upwards of $1 million in his live poker tournament career. He has several small cashes dating back to 2011, the vast majority of which are from the Asian tournament. His largest cash prior to this win came back in 2014, when he ended up fifth in the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Macau Main Event for $74,170.

Final Table Standings:

1. Pete Yanhan Chen – (USD $299,485)
2. Chen Ke – (USD $199,278)
3. Lu Yingqi – (USD $128,101)
4. Zhang Wenben – (USD $84,974)
5. Tan Yancheng – (USD $65,401)
6. Bryan Huang – (USD $54,168)