Glitches in hardware can be very difficult times, for both website operators and players and recently, PokerStars encountered one. The incident happened on March 14 from about 18:10 to 20:10 Eastern Daylight Time, during which many players were unable to access their games.

The company posted the disturbance on the official PokerStars blog and said, “ Reliability is an important word for us and we always try our best to maintain services.

In this case, there was a hardware failure that required replacement before re-starting our servers and resuming our normal activity.”

Tournaments were the poker games which suffered most and the site has declared that it would resolve this by either a roll-back or a roll-forward depending on the stage the tournament was at.

PokerStars further went on to point out that a few players in affected tournament were forced to sit out, even though tournaments carried on, thus allowing some players to steal the blinds from others. Such convoluted situations would require time for investigation and the post stated, “ we will need additional times to investigate tournaments and give additional refunds to players that were not able to defend their chips. We need to look into hand histories on a case by case basis. In the last occurrence it took us one week to completely solve this issue.”