Proposed Legislation To Force Out Uber Lyft From Las Vegas

Uber Lyft

Poker pros would no longer be able to utilize ride sharing portals to get around Las Vegas under a piece of legislation moving its way through the Nevada government.

The Senate Bill 226, which was first introduced in February, was amended a week ago and it features provisions that would need Lyft and Uber drivers to obtain business licenses, along with a permit from the Nevada Transportation Authority.

The income for an Uber driver varies according to city, but an hourly wage of a mere $8-$13 is common.

To make things worse, the bill would need drivers to have a minimum of $1.5 million in insurance coverage, which would be the highest in the U.S.

“The Nevada Legislature is considering a radical transportation proposal that will move the state backward," claimed Internet Association Director Robert Callahan, who spoke on behalf of the ride sharing companies.

“This proposed regulatory scheme is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to recreate the old taxicab monopoly by eliminating ridesharing services from the state,” Callahan further added. "If this proposal is passed, Nevada will become the only state in the nation to reject progress and better accessibility to transportation options for its residents. This proposal would limit choice for consumers and kill innovation. Carson City should instead focus on passing smart laws that will benefit all Nevadans and the state’s visitors.”