Pros and Cons of Playing Poker on Mobile Phones

Pros and Cons of Playing Poker on Mobile Phones

Playing poker in India on the mobile phone has become extremely popular in recent times. This is primarily owed to the convenience one enjoys while playing on smart phones. However, it does have its down side. Here are the pros and cons of playing poker on the mobile phone,


Play anywhere you want - The best advantage of playing online poker on your phone is that you can play anywhere you can, provided you have an internet connection. Stuck at the airport terminal? Simply connect to the local wifi, sign in and play. This is a great way to kill time, and applies in almost every situation.

Games run smoothly on smart phones- Mobile based apps usually allow for smoother gameplay as compared to the PC.

Players get exclusive bonuses- In case you're playing at a poker room on your mobile, you might qualify for elite rewards. Most poker websites have apps and reward users for using them. As we all know, poker is all about making money, so these extra bonus offers often tip the scales when weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of playing online poker on a mobile device.


Not supported for all devices- One major disadvantage to playing online poker or at an online casino via your mobile is that there’s usually a lack of support for mobile users. Unless you’re are on a reputed app, it is likely that you will encounter some problems such as incompatibility issues while playing on your device. So, you better do your research prior to signing up.

Screen size limitations- The convenience of playing on mobile comes at the cost of a smaller screen. This smaller size forces some players to play fewer games than they would normally. Another issue with the small screen size is poker players are more likely to make errors. Since you're tapping the screen to control activity, you are more inclined to hit the wrong catch. The smaller the screen, the more probable you will make a blunder.