Record Online Gaming Revenue In New Jersey

Atlantic City

After the regulation of gambling laws in New Jersey, they are developing as a giant in the world gambling market and improving by time. New Jersey recorded a phenomenal generation of $18.4 million in online gaming revenue during December.

There is an improvement on the $17.2 million posted in November and the figure is 6.5% higher than the amount collected in the corresponding month last year.

The December result shows an increase of 32% on the amount collected at the end of 2015 and takes the online gaming revenue for the full year at $196.7 million.

Total gaming win for the state came in at $208.1 million, 8.5% more than the last December collections.

Casino win also boosted up from 6.5% year-on-year to $189.7 million. However, the Casino win for the full-year was down slightly to $2.4 billion, but total gaming win in the state climbed 1.5% to $2.6 billion, boosted by growth within the state’s  online gaming market.