Several High Profile Poker Players Hacked

vanessa rousso

The digital age has made our lives easy but can still be troublesome sometimes. Since several years, famous personalities have reportedly been victims of hacks which have led to the leaking of private and confidential affairs. A similar mayhem was seen recently when some high stakes poker players took to social media to confirm getting hacked.

Numerous of high-stakes poker players including Vanessa Rousso, Vanessa Selbst, Cate Hall and Dan Smith were allegedly hacked and took to Twitter to report the events. The hackers reportedly gained control of their accounts ranging from cell phones to Twitter accounts.

Former poker pro- turned musician Rousso, also tweeted about the hack that may have worried her followers.

Poker pro Doug Polk attempted to explain the hackers’ operation through a YouTube video which disclosed that some victims have had hackers ring their phone service providers posed as the account owner and getting the phone service switched to another phone – creating innovative opportunities to gain access to the victims’ accounts.

While losing control of social media accounts can be troublesome, hacking a cell phone in general can be a cause for bigger concerns.

Vanessa Selbst tweeted that, apparently, someone had gone through her cell phone provider claiming to be her and seeking to change her unique pin number. The pin was altered and someone gained control over her phone.

The number of people affected by this data hack appears uncertain. However, members of the poker community believe high-stakes players are a target owing to their larger bankrolls and ease of finding out personal data from the Internet to help circumvent cell phone security protocols.