Switzerland Considers IP

Switzerland Considers IP

According to reports, foreign iGaming operators may be blocked from the country as Swiss lawmakers are in the process of drafting new gambling regulations for the local market. If implemented, it will raise concerns over the financial state of domestic casino and lottery operators.

There are possibilities that Swiss lawmakers will allow Swiss casinos to provide online gaming options. However, operators will keep on losing money to international competition until any such measure takes effect, because of the competition threat international rivals pose.


This has raised a threat of IP-blockage. Reportedly, Swiss telecoms, both private and public, has not been particularly happy with the possible blockage of international online gaming operators. They have said they will charge extra costs from local gambling companies if any such measure is taken. The telecom group, Suisse Digitale also warned that if they impair the quality of overall network service then IP barriers will be suspended.

Why IP-blockage?

IP-blockage is believed to be a necessary step at the time when Switzerland is looking to establish a new regulatory framework for gambling operations, it may impact different sectors including gambling itself, in a negative manner. IP-blockage is a common measure implemented by jurisdictions during market (re-)regulation. It clears the distinction between what is legal and what is not. However, all modern browsers feature options to easily circumvent bans, such actions might be ineffective.


According to reports by local media, a separate legislative piece has been in the making, which suggests a different approach towards how online gambling services are to be regulated. Under that, international iGaming operators will be allowed to apply for licenses to run local operations. Such a measure is believed to provide a wider choice for local players and additional tax revenue for Switzerland’s coffers. Although, local telecoms have warned that a ban on international gambling websites will probably result in unrelated but misleading content being blocked, too.