In this week's edition of Poker Nation's blogs about poker we have, 3 PHYSICAL POKER TELLS THAT WARRANT YOUR ATTENTION

Poker tells are a tricky subject. Most newbies put way too much credence into tells early in their poker adventure.

Meanwhile, many experienced professionals focus solely on playing a good strategy, completely disregarding live poker tells in the process. The correct route is somewhere in the middle– focusing on strategy as well as considering tells when they present themselves.

So, which common poker tells are actually worth your attention?


When a poker player makes a large bet, hesitations and pauses will make strong hands much more likely. Players betting weak hands and bluffs will normally do so straightforwardly, without any pauses.

Some examples of hesitating-type behaviours:

  • A player has several stop-and-start movements when gathering or placing the bet.
  • A player declares “bet” or “raise” and then pauses a moment before announcing the amount.

Reasons for this pattern:

  • Players betting weak hands do not want to be studied for any longer than necessary. The longer the bet takes, the more likely it becomes that a competitor might pick up something about their behaviour that can be interpreted as an indication of a bad hand.
  • Players betting weak hands and bluffs want to display confidence. Betting normally is one way to convey confidence.

As is the case with most bet-related tells, it’s much simpler to find signs of relaxation and strength in bettors than it is to find signs of anxiety or a weak hand. Players betting strong hands often give themselves away by doing strange things that bluffers generally aren’t willing to do themselves.


The meaning of double-checking hole cards generally depends on the situation:

  • For players who are waiting-to-act, double-checking hole cards will generally sign weak hands.

For example: a poker player calls a pre-flop raise, views the flop, and then double-checks his cards a few times before checking.

If this player flopped a strong hand, they’d likely be quit stoic and wouldn’t draw attention to themselves. This is an indication that they’re not mentally focused and unlikely to have much of a