Three Reasons to Try Poker Variants

Poker Variants

Ranging from the popular Omaha to Blaze poker, all variants have some interesting feature which makes them worth playing. Additionally, playing the same game over and over again can seem boring at times.

Besides the games you are used to playing, and are the best at playing, trying other varieties is actually beneficial.

Why play other games?

Generally, most mixed games have a lower skill level for the average player when compared to traditional Hold’em. This is a good for you, especially if you can become proficient in the games. Where you might’ve thought Hold’em was becoming too tough to beat, the mixed games are still beatable. You’ll be learning new things along the way, keeping yourself interested more, and also winning. Here are some other reasons to mix it up,

1. Exercise your mind: It has been proven scientifically that maintaining your mind in a variety of ways helps to nourish your analytical and intellectual capacity. Your mind works better when you force it to learn new things each day. Adding in new variants of poker works that angle. Exercising your mind in new and different ways is a bit like a working out a muscle: if you exercise the grey cells the brain will 'grow'.

2. Learning something new: To prevent falling into mechanical play, which can be deleterious to your long-term play, you can read articles and watch videos online; they are literally everywhere. Looking at the game in a new outlook helps to maintain your enthusiasm levels running high. Trying some new forms of poker can really help to break you out of a rut. It can be invigorating at times too. There is no harm in trying.

3. Looking for the win rate: Texas Hold'em is, undisputedly, the most popular form of poker and the most researched. While there are several ways to enhance your game it does mean that your average Hold'em player knows more about poker than your average Seven Card Stud player. Exploring new forms of poker is like exploring uncharted waters. You may encounter tough competitors but you can also go for gold if you prepare yourself properly. Win rates in new games can be really solid. Learn to play the game and aim to maximize your winnings.

For people who play card games regularly, or even professionally, playing poker day-in-day-out can become dull after a while. Trying your hand at the different variants like Omaha can spark a feeling of liberation.