Tom Morse, an amateur player with just $5,000 in total career cash shipped the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) St. Charles $1,650 Main Event for $117,249. What’s astonishing is that he did it on a satellite win that cost him a mere $375.

The poker event attracted 359 hopefuls and the top 36 finishers made a piece of the money.

Final Table Review

A nine-handed final table was set up after the departure of Sal Dicarlo at 10th place. Morse had the chip lead at the beginning, owing to two double ups from Matt Bond, who has upwards of $500,000 in all time cashes along with a WSOP ring to his credit.

Bond was the first final table casualty, and exited at ninth place.

Mike Urbaniak followed suit, when his pocket queens were beaten by Ed Sebesta's aces.

Morse then ousted Joe Landazzi at seventh place, when his kings outweighed the latter’s nines. Morse subsequently went on to rail Everett Lawrence at sixth. Lawrence went all-in with 21 big blinds on the button with and Morse in the big blind possessed , when the flop revealed a queen to give him the pot.

Mary Sturges was knocked out next at fifth place. By this time, Jeff Landherr had established the chip lead and further solidified it by busting Sebesta with versus the latter’s .

Morse returned to send John Kurfman packing at third place and heads-up commenced between him and Landherr.

Landherr held a 3 to 2 lead and went on to amplify it even more. However, Morse simply fought back until he wrested the lead and eventually it was time for a final showdown.

Both were all-in pre-flop -


The board displayed and Morse bagged the title. Landherr made a runner-up finish for $74,224.

Final Table Results

1. Tom Morse - $117,249

2. Jeff Landherr - $74,224

3. John Kurfman - $49,704

4. Ed Sebesta - $34,665

5. Mary Sturges - $25,999

6. Everett Lawrence - $20,391

7. Joseph Landazzi - $17,231

8. Michael Urbaniak - $14,274

9. Matt Bond - $12,286