Top Five Excuses for Being Late for a Poker Game

Excuses for being late for a poker game

There are some things in life that one should never be late for. Movies, flights, and your own wedding to name a few. If you’re an avid follower of poker, you know that punctuality is key if you’re playing poker with your buddies. Everyone arrives late to the game once in a while. The next time this happens to you, try some of these excuses for being late to the table,

  • 1.You were snoozing

This is the classic poker player’s excuse. Professional poker players usually have hectic and unnatural routines when it comes to playing poker online, especially if you’re on a good run and have no intention of calling it quits any time soon. Rather than quarrel, people who play poker regularly will sympathize with you.

  • 2.Family related excuse

Why not push the blame on your family for your late arrival to the felt? Everyone uses their loved ones as scapegoats once in a while. Playing the sick card is another way to get away for being tardy since it will not draw many questions from your friends. Be careful not to overuse it though.

  • 3.You were stuck at the ATM

When you play poker for money, it is unlikely that someone will cover for you at the table. Your buddies will undoubtedly prefer you being behind schedule than coming to the game with empty pockets. This excuse, unlike the second one on the list, is bound to work every time.

  • 4.You were busy buying food and beverages

Who going to be mad at you for taking time out to get snacks for your buddies? An evening without having something to munch on is certainly a boring prospect. Ideally, if you’re using this excuse, you’d want to show up with at least a bag of chips in your hands. However, if you’re not the most generous person in the world, you’d probably want to think of something else.

  • 5.You were busy with office work

This one is for those who aren’t professional poker players. Since the dawn of time, people have been citing this as an excuse for being late for any sort of late night plan. Again, like some of the earlier excuses on this list, there is not much anyone can complain about in this regard.