Poker etiquettes are the guide to your behaviour on the poker table and you’ll probably find as many ‘rules’ as in the game itself. These rules may not be absolutely written down and might seem as they are only there to be broken but you really should be paying attention to most of them to avert yourself from getting a bad name.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

If you’re busy chatting up some waitress or watching something on your iPhone while it’s your turn to play, and, the rest of the table is kept waiting, you’ll almost certainly get called out for it.

Be Polite and Courteous

Always try to handle the other players on the table with respect. Watching Phil Hellmuth bad-mouthing his rivals might look like harmless fun, but such a conduct will mark you out as an idiot or troublemaker and you might not get invited back again!

Protect your chips and hands

There have been many incidents when a player watched on and the dealer fluttered their pocket aces by mistake. As a lot of things are going on at a table. It’s your duty to safeguard your stuff and thus you should pay adequate attention to that.

Announce your action verbally

You might understand well what you intend to do, but nobody else does before it’s done! Keep in mind that in most of the games, throwing a single chip in is just a call, not relying on how big that chip is! So announce to the table what you’re doing before you do it, especially in games with non-professional dealers.

Modesty is the Best Policy

Nobody in the world likes to lose a big pot or heavy money, or get rivered with a 2-outer, and this is the same when you win a big pot and like to cheer out or celebrate loudly for it. But you should try to control your emotions as much as possible on the poker table and should be modest especially when you win big.

Whether you  play poker online or prefer the live version, following these etiquettes will earn you respect while playing poker in India