PKR forced to shut down

UK online poker operator PKR has allegedly been suspended from the MPN Network after experiencing certain “recent financial difficulties”.

Last week, PKR’s website alerted players that its parent firms PKR Technologies Ltd and PKR Ltd had “experienced recent financial difficulties and are in the stage of seeking professional advice.”

The players have been unable to access the site for more than 2 days leading to widespread speculation on online. Now it has become evident that PKR has been suspended from the MPN network at its own behest.

On Friday, a message was updated to affirm that the two companies had “filed petitions to Court for Administration orders, which will be heard in the following week.” The Twitter and Facebook page accounts of PKR have also been respectfully deleted.

The Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), PKR’s poker network host, issued a notice on Friday clarifying that it had received a request on Wednesday from PKR seeking an overall suspension of gameplay.

Microgaming appeared in the dark as to the reasons behind PKR’s strange request, but promised to relay information to its customers as it became available.

PKR had carved out a small but profitable niche for itself as an autonomous 3D poker site. PKR joined MPN in 2016 in an attempt to boost its liquidity following the Alderney-licensed site’s withdrawals from an array of European regulated markets, including Italy, France and Portugal, and also Australia. The site additionally underwent a wholesale shuffling of senior management positions and featured other non-poker options such as virtual sports.