What Budding Poker Players Can Learn from Floyd Mayweather

Budding poker players

The whole world was eagerly waiting for months for what was perhaps the most highly anticipated boxing event in years. The invincible Floyd Mayweather agreed to go up against reigning UFC Champion Connor McGregor. Weeks before the event actually took place, several people wrote off McGregor saying that he didn’t have the experience to go up against boxing’s finest and celebrated names. Unsurprisingly to most, Mayweather came out on top after 10 gruelling rounds and earned himself a KO win over the Irishman. His latest victory takes his unbeaten run to an astounding 50-0.

What does this teach us?

Success in any profession comes down to how many hours you put in to your job. The Michigan native had a particularly rough childhood where his mother was a drug-addict and the family was riddled with monetary problems; which makes his success story even more inspiring. Nicknamed Pretty Boy Money, Mayweather spent numerous years gathering experience in the boxing ring to become what he is today.

It probably goes without saying that experience is a key element for success in any field, more so in sports. Not just winning, but dealing with defeat is equally vital for an individual to improve in a sport. Poker is an example of a game where the more experience you gain, the better you become. But those familiar with poker in India, must be aware of the term ‘bad beats’. A bad beat is when a good hand of cards loses out to a superior hand; something that can be quite frustrating for players. More often than not this can result in the player going on tilt, thus multiplying his losses. A seasoned poker player can just dismiss this as bad luck, but an amateur might make hasty decisions and chase after his losses. Learning from bitter experiences is the stepping stone to becoming a better player in poker.

What other key attributes you think are needed to gain prosperity in sports?