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What NOT To Do At Live Poker Events

Online poker tournaments differ from the games one encounters at live poker venues or at home games with your buddies. You might find it hard to believe but most professionals incorporate different strategies based on what variant of poker they are playing. With that being said, here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of when playing poker live:

Don’t ignore poker tells

Poker tells are not as important in online poker as they are in their live counterpart. Tells represent a goldmine of information. If you’re playing a home game with friends, it is somewhat easier to pick up small signs. Normally, weak players attempt to act strong by making aggressive manoeuvres and vice-versa. Therefore, make sure to observe how your opponents play and reacts at the table. If you are lucky enough to notice something more than once, this could indicate a tell, which will help you make lots of money.

Don’t play the same range of hands

Live poker games are quite looser when compared to the online form, which means you should make the most of it. You should aim to play a more diverse range of hands which could flop big and win you large sums of money.

Don’t get distracted

You’ll come across quite a few characters at live tables. Some prefer to listen to music wearing oversized headphones while others even watch movies when playing. However, these distractions might make you miss out on vital information. Focus your entire attention to how people are behaving when making plays at the table.