What Poker Players and Asia’s Second Richest Man Have in Common

Poker Players and Wealth

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has now become the second wealthiest person in Asia after usurping the likes of Hong Kong real estate mogul Li Ka-Shing. Ambani has added a whopping $12.5 billion to his wealth this year alone, taking his overall net worth to $32.5 billion. This leaves him $8.2 billion behind Alibaba founder Jack Ma. The chairman of Reliance Industries’ success story is an inspiration to all aspiring businessmen.

What did he do different?

Like most successful businessmen, Mukesh Ambani has invested his money in multiple projects. It’s difficult to lead an affluent life if your income comes from just one source. Spreading your money in different investments is a sure shot way to both multiply and maintain your wealth.

Did you know?

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli invested a reported 190 crores in a chain of gym and fitness centres all over India under the brand name Chisel. Other such examples include Yuvraj Singh investing an undisclosed amount in Vyomo, a mobile-based beauty and wellness startup and Robin Uthappa co-founding a food start-up called iTiffin.

Pursuing a career in sports is a difficult endeavour. While being a successful cricketer in India is lucrative on its own, establishing a name for yourself in any other field, say poker for example, can be onerous. Most professionals who play poker in India possess other sources of income. For example, poker player Viren Kapur, who recently won an event at the Pokerstars Festival Manila, is an exports trader. If you do have a stable job, then picking up poker to supplement your income is an ideal move. All you need is to allot some time to study the aspects of the game and it won’t be long before you encounter success.

Beginning a business or investing money in projects requires a great deal of research and the need to exercise caution. What other such examples come to your mind?