Why Diwali isn’t complete without Poker

Poker in Diwali

Diwali, like other festivals celebrated in India, unites family and loved ones. It’s an occasion where we illuminate our surroundings, stuff our mouths with copious amounts of festive treats and, most importantly, realize the importance of the bonds of family and friendship.

How does poker come into the picture?

Poker itself echoes the sentiment of togetherness. What’s more fun than competing with your friends on such an occasion? Playing cards during the festival of lights has now been regarded as an age-old tradition. Which is why you see so many live poker venues invite people by the scores to play their favourite card games.

However, for students or people working abroad Diwali is often spent away from family. But poker comes to the rescue yet again. People can connect with friends over the net and play endless cycles of online poker. What’s more is that, online poker websites offer numerous bonuses and prizes to its patrons during this festival, thus making the game playing experience even more enjoyable.

Did you know…

While there are many poker tournaments, both live and online, to select from, Poker Nation’s Poker Potluck Party has everything to make this weekend all the more special. Teach your close ones the basics of the game, arrange you favourite tasty delights around a table, and start playing. For beginners who are new to poker, simply log on to Poker Nation’s ‘How to Play’ section, where you can grasp the basic rules of the game in a matter of minutes.

What better a way to enjoy this Diwali than to play poker with your family with Poker Nation. For more details about the contest, visit the website. Take part in the Poker Potluck Party and create memories that will make a lasting impression.