Why Friendship Day Still Matters to Poker Players

Friendship Day

During our childhood Friendship Day was a huge deal. Competing to see who could collect the most friendship bracelets was a challenge of its own. It wasn’t uncommon either to see people brandishing these bracelets all the way up to their shoulders! While we don’t celebrate the occasion as passionately as we used to, Friendship Day still emphasises that the bond between two people is very difficult to sever.

Did you know?

Online gaming is the most common platform for teenagers to meet their peers and form lifelong friendships. Online gamers are known to develop a sense of kinship for their fellow teammates. What’s more, these online portals even help those who are bashful and have trouble connecting with people. Researchers have been observing this trend for decades, and have dubbed the online gaming environment as the ‘third space’, after home and the office, where people from different backgrounds come together to form a sense of unity.

Even card games like poker epitomize the concept of friendship. While many people play online poker in India, an even greater majority prefer to spend evenings with their buddies at home playing poker.

Fun Fact: The cast of the popular American TV series ‘FRIENDS’ bonded over a game of poker

Apparently, the game which took place in a small room at the firm insistence of show director James Burrows made its way to one of the episodes too.

On a similar note, Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Harman Baweja gelled over a game of poker while shooting for a film.

Perhaps the only downside of playing poker with friends is that they’ll know all the moves you got up your sleeve, so you better work on your poker face. On the other hand, this also give you the impetus to better you game. If you can bluff the people you know, you can bluff anyone.

Poker is widely played all over the world and has brought many people together. What other games do you think have created such an impact?