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WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event: Kunal Patni Bags Runner-up Prize

In what was a glorious day for followers of poker, pro Kunal Patni made a runner-up finish in the WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event earning $115,368 in prize money. The poker event drew a strong field of 561 competitors with the top 71 finishers getting a piece of the $881,555 prize pool. Sealing the top spot was German Dustin Mangold who shipped the title and took home €134,809.

Final Table Review:

The final hand of the Main Event saw Mangold open with 9s,6d and Patni called with Kh,7s. On the flop 6s, Kd, 2d, Patni called a continuation bet from Mangold. Mangold got lucky with a 6h on the river completed the board to give him three-of-a-kind sixes, ensuring his victory.

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Dustin Mangold - $161,770

2. Kunal Patni - $115,368

3. Adem Gul - $74,580

4. Claudio Celenza - $53,052

5. Tobias Mathaess - $40,986

6. Ricardo Valim - $33,786

7. Finn Zwad - $27,852

8. Alescha Lechner - $22,152

9. Bulent Demirtas - $16,83