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1. How do you calculate LBP’s?

The Cash Game Leaderboard points are assigned according to the following formula:

Loyalty Points earned weightage given 98% = A

Wagering amount weightage given 2% = B

A+B) / 5 = C

C X 7.5 = Leaderboard Points

2. How many times can I select a team in the Predict and Win contest?

Based on the milestones achieved every player has 3 chances to select a team in the Predict & Win contest

3. Can I withdraw my winnings from this promotion?

All winnings from the leaderboard will be paid out in real cash which is immediately withdrawable after deducting TDS if any for the same, all winnings from the Predict & win contest are in immediate bonus and can be withdrawn after earning the required Loyalty Points towards the same.

4. Will the winners be paid in real money or immediate bonus?

The cash leaderboard prizes shall be paid in real cash on which TDS will be deducted and refunded as pending bonus. For IPL Predict & Win, the prizes shall be in the form of Immediate Bonus.

5. Is there any deadline for making the prediction?

The 1st prediction has to be made by 14th April. The 2nd prediction has to be made by 30th April.

The 3rd and final prediction has to be made by 26th May.

6. For refer a friend promo, do I still receive 100 for signups?

No, this referral promo is specifically for IPL Predict and Win. The referrer, on succesfull referral of 10 friends will get a chance to predict the number of 6s in the IPL.

7. Where do I see the LBPs?

The Leaderboard Points can be seen under the TPL Leaderboard on the Poker Nation Homepage.

8. Will TDS be deducted on the winnings?

TDS will be deducted on the winnings of the Cash Race. Same will be refunded in the form of pending bonus.